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Tableau Training from George Peck George Peck, The Ablaze Group

Two things make or break a course, whether taken in person or virtrually: the organization of the course, and the instructor. Sacrifice either one, and you sacrifice the whole course. Not surprisingly, there's a whole lot of "low cost" or "free" training out there that sacrifices one or both of these characteristics. You simply have to ask yourself, "How much does my job and career depend on me knowing Tableau well?" If the answer is "Not much," then keep looking. But, if you want proven instructional materials, and a presenter who knows Tableau like the back of his hand, and can impart that knowledge, keep reading.

George comes with plenty of rich BI experience. A while back, he wrote a whole bunch of Crystal Reports books. More recently, he wrote two Tableau: The Official Guide books, officially endorsed by Tableau Software. All these books were published by the prominent publisher, McGraw-Hill. More recently, George has authored several 2- and 3-day in-person Tableau courses, as well as everything here on VirtualTableauTraining.com

George has been teaching computer software for well over 20 years, with over 6 years dedicated to Tableau. He knows the software as well, or better, than anyone in the industry and imparts that knowldge with a friendly, relaxing approach.


Online Tableau Training Video of the Week - Tableau 2018.3 Dashboard Navigation

Tableau 2018.3 adds new Dashboard Navigation features!



Tableau Training Rave Reviews

We hired the Ablaze Group to help roll out Tableau to our US organization. George created a custom course for our management that explained showed them what Tableau was and helped them see potential ways they could use Tableau in their business. It got rave reviews internally. George then came on-site to teach the Two Day Fundamentals class. The class was fun and effective. People were creating reports and dashboards right after finishing the training. We are starting to look at our data differently and asking - How can I show that in a more meaningful way? It was a great experience!

- Linda Kent, Director - Application Services, MSX International

Highly Recommended

George Peck is very knowledgeable about Tableau and is able to communicate the concepts to students. Our Level 1 class had people from widely different organizations, non-profit to municipalities to business organizations. The group also had a wide range of experience from a few weeks to several years. There was a good balance of time for individual questions while still completing the course syllabus. We had a lot of hands-on time to learn the concepts. Having time to show each other our workbooks was also very interesting. I highly recommend the training offered by Ablaze Group.

- Dana Barnes, Sr. Business Analyst, REcolorado

So Much Better Than Trying To Learn On My Own

I attended George’s Intermediate Tableau class and it was so much better than trying to learn stuff on my own. It’s also great to be able to have a teacher who clearly has experience with Tableau because you get to pick up on the little time and sanity saving tips to make your life easier. Definitely recommend this class for anyone who is struggling to learn some topics on their own!

- Jesse Assenmacher, Systems Administrator, Gershow Recycling

Invaluable Tableau Dashboard Lessons

My experience with the Ablaze Group Tableau Training provided me with invaluable lessons, and I am thankful to have been a part of George’s Level 1 training class. George used some real life data sources to create revealing dashboards and stories. These made the hands-on exercises very engaging. George was able to break down the complexities of Tableau which made the training not as overwhelming. Receiving a hardcopy workbook, an electronic PDF, and data files was also very helpful. With a great sense of humor, and relative past experiences, George is a wonderful teacher and was very responsive to feedback and questions.

- Annie Choi, Analytics Manager, Modern Distribution Management – MDM


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Is training live or recorded?

Training is live, in real time, with a live instructor. While this does require you to set aside a short amount of dedicated time to participate, full interactivity offers you the best training experience. You may ask the instructor questions and provide feedback. The instructor will interact with participants, adjusting materials and timing as needed.

How is training delivered?

We use a cloud-based delivery service that mirrors the instructor’s screen in real time. Audio is provided either through your computer speakers, or via a dial-in phone number. You may interact with the instructor via audio, or a chat function.

What if I miss the session? Do I get my money back? Can I watch a recording?

“No shows” are not given refunds (note our complete refund policy in the FAQ). If you miss a session without making alternate arrangements in advance, you may view a recording for up to 2 weeks after the session date. If you think you may not be able to attend and wish to schedule an alternative session (with the same price), or assign the course to a different participant, e-mail us AT LEAST 12 HOURS PRIOR TO COURSE START TIME.

What’s your refund policy?

Should Ablaze Group cancel a session, a full refund will be issued. Otherwise, no refunds are given (including for no-shows). However, you may request to be enrolled in a different course with the same price. You may also transfer an existing registration to a different participant. To request these changes, e-mail us AT LEAST 12 HOURS PRIOR TO COURSE START TIME.

How do I pay?

Enrollment is conducted online. You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. Multiple registrants from the same company may pay in advance via company check or ACH transfer. Send an e-mail, or call (303) 670-7173, well in advance of the course date to arrange alternate payment arrangements.

What are prerequisites for virtual Tableau courses?

The Tableau Introduced course is specifically designed for those who have never worked with Tableau before. Other courses assume a fundamental working knowledge of Tableau. You should have taken the Tableau Introduced course, or have equivalent experience with Tableau, prior to taking other courses. Any additional prerequisites are included in each course description.

Can I “try out” a session before I enroll?

Each course description includes an embedded video that provides a sample of the materials presented in the course, as well as a comprehensive course outline. This will be sufficient for you to determine if the course is a good fit for you prior to enrollment.

What language are the sessions presented in?

At this time, all sessions are presented in English.

Are these courses appropriate for Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server?

Most courses apply to both Tableau Desktop (either Windows or Mac) or Tableau Server, as denoted in each course description. In some cases, a course will only be appropriate for Desktop or Server (again, this will be clearly indicated on each course description). When you register for a course, you’ll be asked whether you’ll be using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server. If you wish to learn with Tableau Desktop, you will need your own copy of Tableau installed on your Windows or Mac (you may download a trial version). As trial versions are only active for 14 days, make sure you don’t activate the trial too soon. If you wish to learn with Tableau Server and specify this when registering, you’ll be sent Tableau Server session information the day before the course. You’ll only need a web browser.